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In 1984, Hampden’s Avenue was filled with pawn shops and vacancy signs. There were no sushi bars, wine bars, or cafes… Rosen put together a partnership to create the Mill Centre Artist Studios… The project opened in 1986 and almost instantly, everything changed. The cornerstone for the revitalization of this “Coolest Neighborhood in America” was […]


Finding the right path to success isn’t easy for most entrepreneurs. In today’s marketplace every entrepreneur needs to wear a dozen hats. We live in an age when business models and marketing strategies change every day and knowing how to reach your customers is just one of many needs for any small business. Choosing the […]


Wendy Rosen is nationally and internationally recognized for her work in micro-enterprise and creative community development. Over the past three decades Rosen’s career has been dedicated to leveraging the creative spirit of individuals and their communities to build sustainable economies. Through her trade shows, magazines, books and educational workshops, Rosen has mentored thousands of small […]